Ideal Setlist: Band of Horses

Journal: February 2014

In February, I saw Band of Horses play a live acoustic show at The Moore in Seattle. This is my ideal setlist based upon the most listened to songs in my iTunes library. 

1. "Dilly"

2. "For Annabelle" 

3. "Laredo" 

4. "Blue Beard" 

5. "Neighbor" 

6. "Compliments" 
7. "On My Way Back Home"
8. "Evening Kitchen"
9. "Infinite Arms" 
10. "Older" 
11. "NW Apt." 
12. "Factory" 
13. "Ode to LRC" 
14. "Marry Song" 
15. "Islands on the Coast" 

Thanks for entering my world,