Thoughts After A Weekend In Portland, OR

Journal: February 2014

National Spotlight: GQ, Esquire, Travel & Leisure... Portland is receiving its 15 minutes of fame. Food, hipster culture, young urbanites, "Portlandia," etc., are just a few reasons the country is starting to notice Oregon's biggest metro area. I believe the attention is due. Portland is one of the most unique cities I've ever visited. Nothing is quite like it.

To Be A Local: A friend of mine who lives in New York once told me New Yorkers love to watch themselves on television. That's why there are so many shows on t.v. about New York. I wonder if the same is true for Portland. Particularly, since so much of what is said, written and watched about this city is based upon a cliche.

Transplant: I've had a few friends visit me in Seattle. After tramping around the city for a few days, I am usually told that they always saw me in a city like Seattle or Portland. To be honest, I could see myself in Portland too. Every time I visit, I feel comfortable. I am comfortable with the unique culture, the pace and the people. I don't think I'll ever be afforded the opportunity to call it home, but I don't hate the idea.

Portland vs. Seattle: There is a natural rivalry between the Rose and Emerald cities. Residents of each city profess cliches against the other. From my take, some are true, but rarely are they completely off the mark. Living in either city is about what drives and motivates you. When you find your place, you will naturally give into the rivalry. I mean pride is at stake here.

Left Coast: The Pacific Northwest is often referred to as the "Left Coast." Drawing on the liberal, tolerant, nonreligious, environmental, granola way of life, I believe the name fits. Especially when compared to where I grew up. In fact Seattle and Portland may be the polar opposites of where I was born and raised. For that, I am thankful.

Thanks for entering my world,