My America

In my America, we live out the challenge of Dr. Martin Luther King; content of character over the color of skin. 

In my America, everyone contributes to the engine of our society, but we help those, who through no fault of their own, have limitations. 

In my America, religion and government live comfortably in separate houses. 

In my America, you are free to love whomever you please without fear of judgement or persecution. 

In my America, people carry clout with politicians rather than corporations or lobbyists. 

In my America, your gun is just a tool for the responsible. 

In my America, we are our brother's keeper. 

In my America, we are unafraid to invest in the future. 

In my America, we respect the environment. 

In my America, we use diplomacy first and the military last. 

In my America, we don't operate under some false desire to be the greatest country in the world. Instead, we focus on being the best we can be. 

In my America, we are confident, but never arrogant. 

In my America, we understand our place in the world. With that power, comes a tremendous responsibility to the downtrodden, the victimized, the defenseless, the poor, the diseased, the disenfranchised. Their plight should always be at the forefront of our minds motivating us and drawing us nearer to the cause which led to the founding of this country we so dearly love. 


Thanks for entering my world,