From the Author

Journal: February 2014
A Comment on 50,000 Reads 

At times, writing a blog can be an isolating experience. Every time I log-in, I check out how many people are reading each topic, where they're from and a whole set of other analytics. While I can see someone somewhere out there is stopping by, rarely do I know who is being impacted by what I write.

When I least expect it, the isolation is broken. It is broken by a person who says they enjoy reading or they were impacted by what I said. In those moments, I find my purpose. No matter the pain I feel in my own personal life, I find joy in being able to show others they aren't alone. I am humbled by those spirits I lift. I am empowered by those lives I have redirected. I love that words can do that. I love that the human condition and experience, when shared, can do that.

I started this blog as a way to just vent. 50,000 readers later it has morphed into something much more. It is now a vehicle I use. On this journey, I see it as my duty to let you know, you aren't alone.

Thanks for entering my world,