3 Years at Kent Youth and Family Services

Journal: February 2014

In three years at Kent Youth and Family Services, we've raised $387,535.02. That's enough money to...

Provide After School homework help. tutoring, sports and mentoring to 123 youth.
Offer dynamic Youth, Family and Substance Abuse Counseling to 61 families.
Ensure a world class education for 7 Head Start and ECEAP students.
Give a place to call "home" at Watson Manor to 6 homeless teenage moms and their children.

I am proud of the work we do at KYFS. At times, as the Fund Developer and Community Relations Manager, I can feel removed from the mission. I don't get to help with homework. I see clients only in passing. I miss out on the moment when a child's creativity sparks and they are confronted with how fun learning is. I am never there when a mom feels relief and safe.

But I raise money and I proselytize. I feel like I contribute. More importantly, for my own self, I feel like I am making a difference. That's all I ever wanted. My life has never been about chasing money or ensuring stock holders are satisfied. My life is dedicated to my fellow man. Their strength is my strength.

Thanks for entering my world,