A Well-Traveled Poem: "Still Foolishly" and "My Fix"

The following poems were written by Kendell Clark from Frederick, OK... 

"Still Foolishly"

And like a fool, I sat and watched him walk away; telling myself he would be back to stay.

I thought 'I can wait until he came back again'; and still foolishly, I wait day out and day in.

And like a fool, I yearned to change every wrong circumstance; yearning to be given another chance.

I think to myself, I must be insane; and still foolishly, my signature bears his last name.

But like a fool, I will always cherish the silent memories. He took hope, but the past cannot be taken from me. 


 "My Fix"

Barely making it through today, dreading the thought of tomorrow.

Fighting among the demons, drowning in my sorrow.

The settling of my mind, helping to go and setting me free.

Not knowing how to swallow hurt and face reality.

Everything turning this fragile life into a catastrophe.

Longing for better days

To turn family's shame into praise

But once again, taken over by the fix.

Like an endless and unavoidable itch.