More Than a Paycheck

This life should be about more than money collected on the first and fifteenth. At least, it should be that way for me. And while I am too young to talk about my life's work, I know I need more than paychecks and the comfort they provide. I need to look back at my life and see a defining accomplishment. Not a success on my part, but rather something done for the betterment of my fellow man. 

This longing creates anxiety. I often feel as if I am wasting my life and not living up to my potential. I get concerned, if I stay in one place for too long. I rarely take stock of what I have accomplished, instead, with maddening attention to detail, I move onto the next big thing. 

This may ultimately be my lesson. In this short life, I have done and seen things that should make me proud. They SHOULD make me proud. I should be proud of the paycheck and the work I get to do. I get to make a difference. 


Thanks for entering my world,