My Strength

Some people find strength in their relationships. They look to loved ones for guidance. Their trusted partner or spouse acts like a sounding board providing wisdom, concern and direction. 

I haven't been afforded this opportunity in a very long time. To some degree, friends and family have filled the void. Try as they may, they can never offer the advice given by someone who knows you on an intimate level. 

Instead of a reliance on others, I have had to reach within to pull my strength from without. Which made me recently question the source of my strength. It comes from several places: 

  1. Pride 
  2. Humility 
  3. A deep seated desire to leave this world better than I found it
  4. A desire to help those who cannot help themselves. 
  5. A wish to make those around me smile
  6. Promise from those I love
  7. A simple notion, "this life is not my own" 
  8. A simple quote from Mr. Hemingway, "The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for." 
  9. A simple Greek proverb, "Society becomes great when old men plant trees whose shade they shall never sit it." 
  10. An unyielding pursuit of the truth through knowledge

So, strength can come from many places, but the key, as always, is how to use the power. 


Thanks for entering my world,