Coming Clean/Unconditional Love Part IV

Journal: Aug. 2012 

I have no way of knowing what the future holds. I don't no what lies beyond the bend. I have no idea who I will share these special moments with. 

I know I am ready, though. I have set myself free to love. The emotional maturity is there. The belief in myself and the things I want to accomplish is there. The readiness to share is there too. 

So, what is missing? The one. Or, at least, the one who could point me in that direction. Since my last relationship, I have spent a lot of time searching. I have spent a lot of time trying to prepare myself. It is time for this to come to pass. 

Now, I am focused on myself and the joy I imminate from within. A friend once told me, "people are drawn to joy and want to shine in its source." In this next phase of my life, I hope to be just that; a source of pure joy. 


Thanks for entering my world,