Musical Evolution (2018)

Musical Evolution (2018)


“Little Wanderer” by Death Cab for Cutie

Musical Evolution is one song listened to often and analyzed through the lenses of time and change.

 According to iTunes, I have listened to “Little Wanderer” by Death Cab for Cutie 26 times. Given several iterations of my iTunes library and a play count that seems to mysteriously disappear from time to time, 26 rotations make this the most played song in my collection. With this series, I hope to visit this song and others on an annual basis to track how time has changed the feelings experienced and lessons learned from a particular piece of music.

When I listen to this song, I hear the following:

·         Holding on despite the distance

·         Something always getting in the way

·         Being supportive of your partner

·         Changing plans to stay in love

·         Someone as the foundation for the relationship

·         Falling back in love

I think we have all heard the old and tired phrase of absence making the heart grow fonder. I’ve never been a fan of long distance relationships, so I can’t speak to the validity of the argument. I do know what it feels like to need someone by your side. The wanting can be consuming. Time can creep between moments when you are with them. The person you love can become as necessary as the air you breathe. That is powerful. Choosing to hold on despite the distance when you find yourself so in love, is damn near godly.

If you stay in a relationship for any length of time, you will experience the idea of something always getting in the way. Life loves to throw you roadblocks. The world supports your love but also loves a good dose of drama. In this song, I hear motivation; a yearning to continue fighting for what you love and need.

In this song, I also hear someone being supportive of their partner. It is also a nice change of pace to experience a man waiting for his wife or girlfriend to return home. Long before we met the people we love, they had hopes and dreams for this life. They had things they hoped to accomplish. More often than not, we are in addition to the equation. We do ourselves and the relationship justice to remember that. We should also remain cognizant of our role to play in their dreams. This may mean changing plans to stay in love. This may mean assuming the role as the foundation for the relationship. This may mean falling back in love after their dreams are realized. Whatever it is, if the relationship is worth fighting for, then fight you shall.

Be good to each other,


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